Heliotropic Ground (1999)


The exit and entry ramps of the Lincoln Tunnel have left a void between the area of Hell’s Kitchen below 42nd Street. We took advantage of the available residual space between the viaducts, which affords needed community-use spaces, alleviates pollution with a new park that weaves through three blocks, provides a pedestrian route, and serves as a much-needed natural air filter.  The placement of plant filters, tall trees on various levels, and pedestrian connections between them contribute to a completely three-dimensional landscape: one in which the treetops are at your feet, grass is at eye-level, and the foliage scales all vertical surfaces. In addition, we included a sustainable community building with auditorium, classrooms, and recreational spaces located over a viaduct on Dyer Avenue. The project was exhibited at the Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York City.